TSE, together with you,
will be all of one mind as a family!

TSE believes that the employees and TSE form a family. TSE also has a system in which its profits are shared with all its employees, and we work together to create a pleasant work environment. We hold various events for all our employees every year, and we are rewarding our employees with various awards.

We will try to improve our employees’ quality of life and to work together as one for the purpose of its sustainable growth.

Life &

Assistance for Stable Living

Apartment Type Dormitory
We operate a dormitory for 4-5 employees who live in areas other than Cheonan.

Home Mortgage Loan
We support interest-free home mortgage loans for the first-time homebuyers.

Monetary Support • Leaves for Congratulations & Condolences
Through the in-house mutual aid society, we run programs for congratulations and condolences and share our sorrow and joy together.

Holiday Gift Provision
We offer gifts to every employee on New Year’s Day and Chuseok every year.

Culture &


Family Day
The last Wednesday of each month is designated as Family Day, giving seasonal fruits to all employees and encouraging them to spend time with their own families after work.

Support for Club Activities
We support the costs of various in-house club activity for the healthy cultural life of the employees.

Spring Picnic, Fall Field Day for Solidarity, Sports Competitions

Every year, we hold a spring picnic and a fall field day for the solidarity of all the employees like one family.

The Night of New Year’s Eve
We look back on the past year and share meaningful time to make New Year’s resolutions.


Medical/Health Care

Monthly Health Consultations and Regular Health Checkups
We regularly provide health counseling services every month to ensure the healthy life of our employees, and we conduct regular health checkups once a year

4 Basic Insurance Policies
We support 4 Major Social Insurances required for our employees.



Cheonan’s Intra-City Commuter Bus Service
We operate Cheonan’s intra-city commuter buses which serve as our employees ‘ feet in Cheonan.

We operate a cafeteria to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge.