Code of Ethics

TSE Co., Ltd. puts environmental and safety first, continuously provide new values to customers and shareholders through differentiated product development and fair production activities.

We establishes our own code of ethics to create a company that harmonizes personal life and work.

Section 1
Relationship with Society

  1. Suppress the emission of environmentally harmful substances and create eco-friendly work environment to preserve the good global environment and to conserve and reserve resources and energy.
  2. Provide volunteer service and contributions as a good company that contributes to the development of the community through continuous donation and support to the underprivileged
  3. Provide timely information on the overall management to create a sound society as an open enterprise.

Section 2
Relationship with Stakeholders

  1. Protect the confidential information provided by customers from disclosure to unauthorized people outside the company.
  2. All employees do not require or receive money and vested rights from suppliers, and conduct business activities with suppliers through fair evaluations.
  3. Compete fairly with differentiated technology, best quality and service, and keep free market economy order.

Section 3
Promotion of economic activities

  1. continue to invest in research and development, respect intellectual property rights, and continue to develop products based on science and technology.
  2. Establish a broader trust relationship with suppliers and cooperate with them by respecting equal relations, transparent evaluation and voluntary responsible management.
  3. Compete fairly with differentiated technologies, best quality and service, and keep free market economy order.
  4. Constantly strive to earn satisfaction and trust by constantly providing new values to our customers with non-collusive fair prices and competition.

Section 4
Corporate Culture

To become a healthy and happy family and company, both the management and the employees will develop the Passion and Pride culture promoting a constant challenging spirit for work and pride as a TSE member.

First, Consider every employee as a TSE family member and be responsible for them to the end.
Second, allow all employees to demonstrate their professionalism and identity..
Third, Do not discriminate against both sexes, regardless of sex and age.
Fourth, Continue to train all the employees to have a Passion and Pride.

In order to comply with the above four codes of conduct, all executives and employees shall endeavor constantly.