HPC (High Performance Probe card)

  • 1 Touch Down for 300mm wafer test
  • High parallelism test solution up to 1,500para
  • Pin count up to 35,000pins
  • Automatic Probe bonding





Electrical specification

DC Ch, Resistance <5 Ω (Power/Gnd ≤1Ω)
Leakage Current 50nA@5V for AC Pins
SI & PI Channel Skew Nand 200ps
Dram 150ps
Eye Aperture >60%/200MHz (12Shared)
XTLK(AC/AC,AC/DC) 5% (Simulation)
TEST Frequency 100Mhz (10ns)

Mechanical specification

Pad Pitch Min 60 ㎛
Pad Size Min 50 X 60 (μm)
Placement X:±8 μm (0.32mils) /
Y:±6 μm (0.24mils)
Co-planarity < 30 ㎛ (1.181mils)
Recommend O.D 4gf@O.D 100 ㎛ (O.D 4mils)
Max O.D 150 ㎛ (5.90mils)
Temp. -40 ℃ ~ 125 ℃

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